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This information is based on the book: "Den yngre Darre-slekt.Darre-Kaarbø", written i 1956 by Olaus Schmidt.

Ursula Christophersdatter Darre's mother was Sofie Mentzdatter von Ravensborg, daughter of Mentz von Ravensborg and Margrethe Casparsdatter Gamshard. Mentz was one of the largest tradesmen in Trondheim. He probably came from the southern part of Jylland in Denmark or from Slesvig in today's Germany. Mentz must have died before 1610, when his wife was called a widow. The tombstone of the widow Margrethe is still found in the Domkirken in Trondheim. The inscription reveals that she was a widow, and her date of death is reported to have been the 10th of June 1610. In the writings of Gerhard

Schøning, however, a different tombstone is described. This is a newer stone dedicated to both Margrethe and her daughter Sara de Noquer, who died in 1667. On this newer stone Margarethe is said to have died on the 9th of January 1610. However, the oldest stone is more likely to be trusted. The newer tombstone also indicates that both Mentz and his son in law died abroad, or at least out of town. This newer tombstone has not been preserved.

Ursula Christophersdatter Darre's father was Christopher Bjørnsen Darre. Some say he was born in 1567; Olaus Schmidt believes he was born in the second half of the 1570s. He was born in Oslo, but soon went to Trondheim. In 1610 he was made city manager of Trondheim; however, he had probably already been part of the city managers council for a few years. In1625 he became the mayor of Trondheim. He was also involved in trading and as city manager and mayor he was allowed to have a wine cellar. Christopher died the 10th of May 1642. Christopher married Sofie Mentzdatter in approximately 1590. Their

children were named: Bjørn, Rolf, Mentz, Steen, Hans, Maren/Margrethe, Elisabeth, Anna, and Ursula. (We don't know the order). Christopher Bjørnsen Darre's father was Bjørn Rolfsen (Darre), who was born about 1548 or earlier and who died between 1616 and 1619. He lived on the farm Rør in Nesodden, just south of Oslo. He was a citizen of Oslo and had property around Oslo, sawmills, and traded timber. Christopher Bjørnsen Darre's mother was according to old genealogy records Ursula Trondsdatter, daughter of the mayor of Oslo, Trond Jonsen.

Bjørn Rolfsen Darre's father was Rolf Olufsen (Darre), who was born in approximately 1500 and died before 1572. He was a citizen of Oslo in 1527 and was a tradesman. In 1536 the king gave him the St. Jørgen Hospital outside Oslo. He gave the hospital back to the king in 1547, and was given the farm Bryn in Aker (Oslo) in replacement. He had other farms. In a letter from 1544 he is called the city manager of Oslo; however, he may have been so from the 1530s. In 1550 he is the mayor. He left office in 1560 because of his age and was at the time city manager.

Bjørn Rolfsen Darre's mother was according to old genealogy records Maren Bjørnsdatter. Her father was Bjørn Gundersen, who was the mayor of Oslo in 1513.

Maren Bjørnsdatter's mother was according to Munthe the daughter of the nobleman Mathis Pedersen and Margrethe Johansdatter Kruckow.